• Movies

    A Running List of Movies to Uplift, Entertain, Intrigue

    To appreciate this list you should first know this: I love quality romance, inspiration, goofy fun, things that open my heart, movies that make me think in new ways or have exciting twists. I am a highly sensitive person so I avoid movies that I …

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  • Kalesaladpic1

    Incredible Kale Salad

    This recipe was inspired by two of my close friends, Aspen and Jill, both of whom made me delicious kale salads on separate occasions. I combined their recipes and added my own twist. The best thing about this salad is that it gets rave reviews …

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  • Thumb 2 Kale Chips

    Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips

    I’ve eaten my share of kale chips, but buying them is just not feasible at $8.99 or more for a little container! So, I decided to put my dehydrator to use to make a batch of kale chips as an experiment. I say ‘experiment’ because …

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  • Raw Chocolate Thumbnail

    Raw Aphrodisiac Chocolate

    This recipe is a hot item right now! That’s probably because I have been giving these chocolates to friends and harping on about all the health benefits of the ingredients for the past couple months. They are a great way to get a healthy energy …

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  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

    Stress, tension, anxiety – oh my!

    Stress, tension, anxiety, pain are not bad – they are simply indications from your very intelligent body that it is a perfect time to bring awareness to something you haven’t yet been able to see. It may be an opportunity to look at a belief …

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  • SacredSex Thumb

    Sex is Sacred. Bringing spirituality into the bedroom

    This is a topic I am so excited to bring into the mix on TerriDaviesTV. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, gay or straight – you’ll find something of interest in this conversation with Virginia Preston. Virginia once told me that when she first …

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  • AwakenedState Thumbnail

    How to ‘Get Into’ an Awakened State

    “Go into an Awakened state every day.” This was the homework I was given by the monks at the Oneness University prior to returning to Canada. It was suggested that this would lead to my full Awakening. I am not fully Awakened at the time …

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  • FeaturedImage RGrady

    Interview with Dr. Rosalyn Grady

    “I allow myself to feel everything” These words are my mantra right now in such a time of change in my life. A huge part of my Awakening has been about learning to feel my feelings. To do this, I had to change how I …

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  • EgoGamesSquare

    Catching Your Ego in the Act

    Have you noticed that, despite your desire to have harmony in your relationships, you still lash out sometimes and hurt the people you love with unkind words? That’s one of the things that can happen when the ego is threatened. There are actually six ways …

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  • DiennaRaye

    Relationship With Our Ancestors

    My very first interview for TerriDaviesTV features a very special guest. She is not only a renowned personal and professional development coach, but also my mother! In this conversation, Dienna Raye tells us about a leading-edge technique for working through obstacles in your life (called …

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