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  • FeaturedImage RGrady

    Interview with Dr. Rosalyn Grady

    “I allow myself to feel everything” These words are my mantra right now in such a time of change in my life. A huge part of my Awakening has been about learning to feel my feelings. To do this, I had to change how I …

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  • EgoGamesSquare

    Catching Your Ego in the Act

    Have you noticed that, despite your desire to have harmony in your relationships, you still lash out sometimes and hurt the people you love with unkind words? That’s one of the things that can happen when the ego is threatened. There are actually six ways …

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  • DiennaRaye

    Relationship With Our Ancestors

    My very first interview for TerriDaviesTV features a very special guest. She is not only a renowned personal and professional development coach, but also my mother! In this conversation, Dienna Raye tells us about a leading-edge technique for working through obstacles in your life (called …

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    Raw Everything Orbs [recipe]

    The first time I made these, I followed a recipe that asked for un-soaked nuts and seeds. These are just near-impossible to digest because many un-soaked nuts/seeds contain enzyme-inhibitors (which are natures way of protecting the seeds until the right growing conditions are present, but …

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