I’m here to walk with you on the Awakening journey – and to watch you flourish into the happy, centred, inspired, fully-flowered person you came into this world to be!

I will share only what has been useful to me in my journey towards Awakening, and introduce you to some of the teachers who have assisted me in this process through words of wisdom and most of all – their unwavering commitment to their own spiritual growth.

When I talk about Awakening – I don’t mean sitting on a mountain top in lotus-pose, meditating for the rest of your life. Or being so blissed-out all the time that you can’t participate in the world and lead a full life. I’m referring to finding a stillness inside that you will carry with you everywhere you go – a stillness that can’t be shaken by external circumstances or thoughts that pass through the mind. It is being present in the moment with your loved ones, with the food you are enjoying, the experiences you are having. Finding incredible delight in the simple things. Having your heart respond with true empathy and compassion as you meet others who are suffering – and being able to make a difference in the world through your authenticity and presence. Awakening is about becoming who you really are at the core – a feeling, sensing, human-embodiment of the All That Is.

Through my videos and articles you’ll learn practical tips that you can apply immediately to assist you in your journey towards Awakening. Many of these are spiritual teachings, but my own path has also been shaped through music, dancing, raw food, spa treatments, time in nature and time with friends – so don’t be surprised to see these topics sneaking into my videos!

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