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    Raw Everything Orbs [recipe]

    The first time I made these, I followed a recipe that asked for un-soaked nuts and seeds. These are just near-impossible to digest because many un-soaked nuts/seeds contain enzyme-inhibitors (which are natures way of protecting the seeds until the right growing conditions are present, but …

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  • StopComparingYourself2

    How to Stop Comparing Yourself

    I was sitting on the grass in the summer sun, at a concert in the park as a gorgeous young woman took the stage. The person who introduced her mentioned she lives in LA and just got back from a tour in South America. She …

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  • 2012AndBeyond

    2012 & Beyond: An Inspiring Perspective

    After returning from India I was incredibly inspired about the year 2012 (and what will follow thereafter), and expressed to friends and family how grateful I am to be alive at such an exciting and unique time on the planet. You might be surprised to …

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  • DanceParty

    Grocery Store Dance Party

    My husband and I were in the grocery store one night (which could be seen as a boring conclusion to an otherwise fun date night out on the town) and as I looked around at the beautifully stacked produce and shiny clean floors and idea …

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  • CacaoIcecreamThumb

    Dairy-Free Cacao Coconut Ice Cream

    This is the most incredible thing I ever invented if I do say so myself! And it’s SO simple. It’s coconut “icecream” that has no dairy or sugar, and is still amazingly delicious (in fact, I prefer it over traditional icecream). I have had many …

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