Grocery Store Dance Party

My husband and I were in the grocery store one night (which could be seen as a boring conclusion to an otherwise fun date night out on the town) and as I looked around at the beautifully stacked produce and shiny clean floors and idea popped into my head. I was feeling pretty energetic and I wanted to dance, and I wondered if anyone had ever made a music video in a grocery store before. Then I remembered that I had recently downloaded an app called VideoStar that makes it super easy to create music videos on the iPhone, and I thought – why not give it a shot!?

One of the biggest reasons why I am publishing this to YouTube is so that you’ll get up and dance with me. As I’ve said in this video about connecting with your Divine, dancing is an excellent way to snap you out of your lower consciousness and align you with who you really are!

Be sure to share with me in the comments how you feel before and after dancing. Does it make a difference for you?

  1. Dove

    It was great dancing with you , Terri. what a great idea! Margery Dove

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies09-24-2012

      Thanks Dove! I’m glad that you had fun dancing along. I actually dance along when I listen to it over again too… it’s a catchy tune. Thanks for being my first blog commentor! 🙂