Interview with Dr. Rosalyn Grady

“I allow myself to feel everything”

These words are my mantra right now in such a time of change in my life.

A huge part of my Awakening has been about learning to feel my feelings. To do this, I had to change how I view the things that happen in my life.

Instead of seeing myself in the role of manipulating my life circumstances so that I could finally have the right conditions to be happy, I recognized the perfection of everything that is already happening in my life.

You see, now when I have a conflict arise with a person in my life, or something “bad” happens (I don’t actually use that word anymore), I see that person or situation as medicine.

I truly believe that my Divine is creating the perfect opportunities for me to work through my deepest hurts so I can heal.

Think about what happens when something triggers you. For example, a friend cancels her plans with you so she can spend more time with her boyfriend, and you feel rejected and hurt.

Most of us aren’t particularly good at allowing ourselves to feel, so we analyze the situation, stuff the feeling down and try to carry on with our lives.

Maybe in that case you would form a story “She spends all her time with that guy. She doesn’t care about me like she used to” or decide to hurt her back the way you’ve been hurt “next time she wants to get together I am going to tell her I have other plans”.

This is all just avoiding feeling the feeling.

So how do you actually feel the feeling?

What has worked for me is to first observe the sensations in the body, noticing the physical location of the feeling.
Then I take time alone to stay with the feeling. Perhaps it is sorrow in my stomach. I just stay with it, sending love to that place, and allow it to exist.

I have done this enough times now that I know by staying with the feeling, it begins to dissolve (though it sometimes gets more painful before it dissolves because I let it completely consume me).

“Anything fully experienced turns to joy” – Sri Bhagavan

Once that “charge” has dissolved, the same situation could happen again and it wouldn’t trigger you.
Doesn’t that sound nice?

It’s not something you need to pay a therapist to walk you through, it’s something you can do right now, and whenever you feel triggered. I know that every difficult situation in my life is a healing opportunity, and I hope you will see it that way for yourself too.

This topic is just one of many that I discuss in today’s episode of TerriDaviesTV.

I’m interviewing Dr. Rosalyn Grady who is one of my first spiritual teachers (and she is also my Aunt!).
Rosalyn works with the council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers who have come together from across the globe to assist humankind through this incredible passage of Grand Transformation.

  1. Valerie

    Thank you Terri, for this wonderful episode. I recently realized how much I have been disconnected from my feelings as I do not allow myself to “wallow in my misery”. This is how i was brought up and this is how things have been in my family. Your article came very timely for me as I started the practice of getting in touch with myself and my feelings and it feels very foreign. Now your article and the quote by Sri Bhagavan opened my eyes and my heart much more. Thank you also for the interview with your aunt. How simple and how profound a small ritual can be, and how our lives can be changed! I felt a wave of warm energy washed over me when I was watching it. Thank you Terri, for doing this, I am so grateful for you. You are a beautiful flower.

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies10-29-2012

      Thank YOU Valerie for such a thoughtful comment. I am so glad this episode came at a good time. I think that all of the world will have a new ability to connect with feelings in the coming months and years. It is certainly something to get used to because the mind loves to push feelings away or find a distraction. Good for you for starting to stay with your feelings.

      Much love.

  2. Jill

    Thanks Terri! Great video!! I love how many similarities there are with the oneness process. Sounds like we are right on track! Your Aunt is very wise! You are so lucky to have her in your life! I love the idea of blessing our water every morning first thing! I think this is so important and we so take our water for granted! I also loved the flower bath! So awesome! So healing! Thanks for sharing another great video!! Great things to be aware of and even better things to practice!

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies10-29-2012

      Thanks Jill! Yes, I am VERY fortunate to have Rosalyn as my Aunt. It’s such a joy to record and share these interviews. Especially when I know you’re getting value out of them.

      In our climate we may need to wait a few months before a flower bath can occur (*sigh*) but we can do the blessing of the water right now, you’re right!

      Have fun with that!

  3. Kathleen Duggan
    Kathleen Duggan10-30-2012

    Thank you Terri.
    I Loved the video.
    I am in a place that when I feel sorrow, anguish, fear…I”m aware and thankful for the experience so I can feeli the feelings, and move on to joy. Now that’s not to say that I’m 100% there yet, but the awareness is the grace. Indeed this is working in my life. To be in this place is so Beautiful. Thank you for sharing and Many Blessings to you!
    With Love

    • Terri Davies
      Terri Davies10-30-2012

      Yes, gratitude seems to bring on massive amounts of grace. I am spending the day today in gratitude for my life including the smallest things like chia seeds and the biggest things like beautiful relationships and the Divine. Thank you for sharing, and for watching. 🙂 Namaste Kathleen.