Thumb 2 Kale Chips

Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips

photoI’ve eaten my share of kale chips, but buying them is just not feasible at $8.99 or more for a little container!

So, I decided to put my dehydrator to use to make a batch of kale chips as an experiment. I say ‘experiment’ because I used two recipies which I combined and modified to create this batch of kale chips. And, WOWEE!! They turned out ridiculously good! So I am writing this out to ensure that I don’t forget this wicked combo of ingredients.

Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips


2 large bunches of kale
1.5 cups cashews (soaked for 2 hours)
1.5 bell peppers (seeded and chopped)
6 tbsp lemon juice
5 tbsp nutritional yeast
2 tbsp miso
2 tsp chili flakes
1.5 tbsp honey
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp cayenne
1 tsp himalayan sea salt


  • Take two large bunches of kale and wash them, then pull the leaves off the stem and rip into bit-sized pieces. Spin dry in a salad spinner and set to the side.
  • Combine remaining ingredients in Vitamix to make spicy/cheesy sauce and blend until smooth
  • Pour the blended mixture onto kale and stir until kale is fairly evenly coated (you may need use your fingers)
  • Lay the kale on dehydrator trays that have non-stick sheets on top (spread the kale out so  it forms bite-sized clumps)
  • Dehydrate at 108 overnight
  • Transfer onto the mesh (removing the non-stick sheets) and dehydrate until crispy
  • Try not to gobble them all up in one go – they are addictive!!!