A Running List of Movies to Uplift, Entertain, Intrigue

To appreciate this list you should first know this:

I love quality romance, inspiration, goofy fun, things that open my heart, movies that make me think in new ways or have exciting twists. I am a highly sensitive person so I avoid movies that I find disturbing, which means that you’re getting a list of great movies that are free of senseless violence, fear-mongering, sexual abuse, overly offensive language, and content that makes you feel like crap about the world we live in.

I put this together because I have always wanted to come across a list like this created by someone like me who has found some wonderful movie gems and wants to share. Enjoy!!

In no particular order….browse the list for a movie you haven’t seen yet.


Beyond The Lights (2014)


This movie got better and better as I watched, and I found myself quite captivated by the music (not the pop stuff at the beginning, but the soundtrack) and cinematography. I watched it without my man, but I wouldn’t call it a chic flick. I wish I had watched it with him actually. There are some spicy romantic scenes too.


Song of the Sea (2014)


I am so used to Pixar type animation that in the first few minutes of this film I wasn’t sure about it. It seemed to artsy. But that quickly gave way to complete awe! I would love to own prints of the amazing artwork in this movie. The plot is rich and uplifting, and contains wonderful messages. It is one of the few movies I would recommend for children. But even just for adults it is SO worth watching. My man and I both loved it.


Magic Mike (2012)


So sexy and fun, with a great cast (Channing Tatum – yum!) and intriguing plot. I have seen this so many times and still love it. It’s a great movie, definitely worth watching. Even my man liked it!


The Good Lie (2014)


My heart and eyes were opened by this film. Reese Witherspoon was great in it, and the plot was rich and interesting. I genuinely felt for the characters as though they were real.